Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking.

Why Us?

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking

Choosing a venue, negotiating vendor contracts, large deposits, and making sure your guests have the right information. Wedding couples can expect to spend over 500 hours planning a modern US wedding. A destination wedding adds even more complexity with having to help manage your guests’ reservations and travel plans.

That’s where we come in. 

We combine the ease of use of technology and the expertise and personal touch of a traditional travel agency. Our commitment to you is simple – we provide easy to understand room rates, payment terms, and comps.  With the use of technology,  we make it easy for your guests to learn about the resort, your wedding and events, and what is required to travel.  We coordinate with your vendors and your guests so you don’t have to. Fewer calls, fewer emails, and less stress for you.

Our travel agency, HotelMaven, has put together a team of experts to work with you every step of the way.  We act as your advocate and coordinate the team to simplify the wedding planning process.  Your team includes a Group Travel Coordinator, Wedding Planner, On-site Wedding Coordinator, Photographer, and a DJ.

How We Help You

Coordination. Communication. Reservations. Comps.


We coordinate with the resort to reserve rooms for your group.


We coordinate with your vendors to place deposits, make selections, and make payments on your behalf.


We create a custom wedding website for your guests which allows them to make reservations and learn about your wedding events.

How We Help Your Guests

Easy To Understand. Friendly Service. Minimum Deposits.


We reserve and bill your guests individually for their resort, transfer, and excursions.


Each guest receives a digital itinerary with your wedding events, so they know where to be, when to be, and the proper attire.

Flexible Terms

Guests can reserve their room with a small deposit allowing more of your guests to commit to attending.


We answer your guests' questions to help them feel at ease with traveling.